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Black Tomato seeds American Black Tomato F1 Hybrid Vegetable 50+ Seeds Packet


Instructions 1. Fill a small pot with potting soil. Plant the seeds 1 inch under the surface of the soil. 2. Put the pot in an eastern, western or southern window where it can get light for the amount of time the sun faces that direction. Place the plant under a grow light 12 inches from the plant for 16 hours a day if there is no access to a window. Keep the soil moist, but not wet. 3. Feed the plants with a fertilizer that has nitrogen, potash, “chelated” iron and phosphoric acid. Water before fertilizing and apply only half the recommended fertilizer for the plants. Feed as often as specified on the fertilizer packaging. 4. Transfer the plants to the container when the seeds have germinated and grown to about 6 inches, and have a second and third set of leaves. Begin the art of with your new plants….!